Chrisvanocur.com has learned the legal team for Marc
Sessions Jenson soon plans to file a motion which could
raise even more questions about John Swallow’s fitness
to serve as Utah’s Attorney General.

According to Third District Court records, a
scheduling conference involving Jenson’s latest
criminal case was held this past Monday.

Looking over those records, this phrase jumped out at

“Defense motions for a continuance in order to file a
motion to recuse in this matter. Court grants the

Translated – this means that in the next few weeks,
Jenson’s legal counsel is expected to file a motion to
have the attorney general’s office recused
and disqualified from prosecuting Jenson’s case.

Jenson is currently incarcerated on earlier charges brought
by the AG’s office. He now faces eight new criminal counts.
Any motion for recusal would deal with this new prosecution.

The City Weekly and the Salt Lake Tribune brought to light
Jenson’s relationship with Swallow and former Attorney
General Mark Shurtleff.

Both media outlets reported that Jenson footed the bill for
Swallow and Shutleff’s visit to a swanky California golf resort.

This is believed to be part of the current federal
investigation into Swallow’s activities.

The expected motion for recusal comes in light of
this probe by the Justice Department’s Public Integrity
Section and a separate criminal investigation being
conducted by Salt Lake’s District Attorney and the
Davis County Attorney (this probe was first reported
by utahpoliticalcapitol.com).

At this time, it is not known if or how the motion
for recusal will address the alleged improprieties
of the attorney general’s office.