Has Mitt moved back to Utah?

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Wikipedia Commons

One of my political peeps recently gave me a tip.
He thought he had seen Mitt Romney walking
around the Walker Lane area in Holladay. So,
I reached into my bag of tricks.

Nosing around county and state records, I found
a couple of interesting things. It appears two
adjoining pieces of property in that area were
both sold within the last few months. And, if I
am reading the property records correctly, they
were both sold to a Salt Lake based company. When
I saw the name of this company, my “spider senses”
immediately started tingling.

The company name appeared to be an acronym, just
three letters. But I recognized those three letters.
They were the initials of Mitt Romney’s wife.

I dug deeper.

The company’s Articles of Organization seemed to
have been filed just days before that first parcel
of Holladay property was sold. But even more
interesting was something I found in Section Seven
of that same document. This is where the name(s) of
members/managers of the company are listed. There
was only one name listed in that section. Ann Romney.
The address listed for her was in downtown Salt Lake.

When I googled that address, I discovered it was
also the address used by “Romney Ventures.” This
is Josh Romney’s investment firm. He is the son of
of Mitt and Ann.

More dots started connecting at this point.

Checking some other nearby Holladay properties,
I noticed some had apparently been bought last
year by a different Salt Lake company. This, I
believe, would have been during the 2012
presidential campaign.

Anyway, when I checked the address of this
second company, the principal office address was
the same as Romney Ventures. My hunch here is that
Josh Romney may own and/or live on the Holladay
parcels bought last year. This also leads me to
believe that Mitt and Ann Romney may own and/or
live on the adjoining properties which were
recently bought.

Now, of course, Mitt Romney still owns a home in
San Diego. But since he is helping his son with
his business, it certainly seems plausible that
the former GOP presidential candidate and his wife
could have another home in Salt Lake as well.

At that point, I got tired of looking at property
and business documents. So, I went for a drive. Just
by chance, my car took me to Holladay. There, I got
hopelessly lost. But as I drove around, I noticed
something interesting. It was a woman who looked
a lot like Ann Romney. What’s more, this woman was
walking towards a piece of property apparently owned
by a company which bears Ann Romney’s initials.

Just saying.

Oddly enough, I like the idea of the Romneys being
back in this state. If nothing else, it may start
speculation that Mitt Romney wants to run for one
of Utah’s political office. Maybe Governor or the
senate seat held by Mike Lee.

Oops! Did I just start some rumors?

My bad :)